Mirror mirror on the wall.

Mirror mirror on the wall.....

"In this sense, ... the universe must expand to escape the telescopes through which we, who are it, are trying to capture it, which is us. The snake eats itself, the dog chases its tail.
What is revealed will be concealed, but what is concealed will again be revealed."

From "Laws of Form" by G. Spencer Brown.

I strongly suspect that awareness is the ultimate irreducible primary, in other words, that it is somehow the raw stuff out of which the universe is made. To me this is so obvious that I'm not sure how to present it to someone who has bought the current scientific world view that consciousness (awareness) is some incidental byproduct of the physical/chemical behavior of some object of awareness called matter. If you have really tried to study existence without prejudice or presupposition, you may see my point.

In this culture (Earth around the year 2000), it is a kind of rite of passage to arrive at the conclusion that awareness is the raw stuff of existence. It is a special rite of passage precisely because virtually no cultural support exists for this view, yet we all have the raw material available to us (as conscious beings) to arrive at this conclusion. Descarte was kind of touching on this point when he said: "I think, therefore I am". I think it more apt to say: "I'm aware, therefore I am".

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