Books for Children

These are books I've considered writing.

You might wonder what these ideas for children's books are doing on a philosophy site. I guess philosophy is just a pretty broad study.

"The Good Little Calf that got Eaten" (for ages 3 to 5)

This work might begin:

Tommy was a cute little calf who lived on a big farm. He was only 1 year old. Tommy and his mother loved each other very much. They would walk around the farm, stopping to eat grass.

Tommy could not read a book, or drive a car, but he loved being outside. He liked the smells and the trees and the wind. He loved to cuddle with his mother. He'd say moooooooo a lot, and his mother would say mooooooooo back to him.

One morning, Tommy saw that Farmer Bill was acting strange. Farmer Bill tried not to look Tommy in the eye .........

(I got the idea for this book by being told by a mother that her son asked her "Do we only eat the bad chickens?")

"The Boy Who Knew Better" (for ages 3 to 6)

This is the story of Max, who realized at an early age that in many ways, he really DID know better than his parents. This book chronicles his struggles to be free.

With this book, I'd like to introduce a whole new genre to children's literature. I'm sure that many parents have struggled to find books with this theme.

"They Don't Understand my Starship!" (for ages 6 to 8)

This work tells the near tragic story of an inspired and forward looking boy whose greatest source of inspiration, a science fiction TV show that aired only on Sunday mornings, was forced to attend church, thereby missing his show. Luckily, this story has a happy ending.

"Dorothy's New Van" (for ages 11 to 16)

This story, for teenage girls, tells of the marvelous, life-enhancing, and mind-altering adventures of Dorothy after her parents bought her an old Volkswagon Mini-Bus.

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