All I know for sure is that I am here now.

I have never known not being here.

I suggest you ponder the meaning of the above two statements.

I also suggest that you explore death's meaning by attempting to find people who seem to understand the nature of reality, and see what they say about it.

Note that human beings normally reside in one of three states of consciousness: waking, dreaming sleep, and dreamless sleep. Note also that what is closest to us and what we ARE is our awareness. There exists a philosophy that what we really are is THAT awareness which experiences (witnesses) all three of these normal states, and that THIS awareness is the only real thing which exists. This philosophy also holds that nothing subject to time (time being an experience of experiences passing by) really exists, that everything subject to time is something on the movie screen of our awareness. No matter when (or where) you ask yourself where you are, you are always HERE NOW.

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