Our Innate Conscience is the root of Morality.

I have to credit Gurdjieff with this one.

Real morality stems from our Conscience.

People today have the wrong idea about what Conscience is. It is not the product of Roman Catholic mind torture of the young. It is an innate part of our consciousness, we're born with it. It is there for anyone to listen to.

Its message is basically "do unto others as you would have them do unto you", the Golden Rule. Real Conscience has nothing to do with legality or cultural norms. It has nothing to do with behavioristic conditioning by parents or peers.

Thus, other than by example, morality cannot be taught. Parents who imagine that they can teach their child right from wrong, mistake behavioristic conditioning from real morality. Some automaton may be conditioned to do or not do certain things, but that's just machine behavior, not conscious ethical practice. What good is a brain-dead machine?

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