Hell is pledging allegiance to a political jurisdiction.

Hell is someone who angers easily.

Hell is someone being fascinated by trivia.

Hell is someone asking "How are you?" by rote.

Hell is accidently looking at a woman wearing lipstick.

Hell is overhearing competitive team sports or game shows on TV.

Hell is a non-Asian infant in a restaurant.

Hell is fake shutters on a house.

Hell is engaging in conversation with someone who cannot have a Socratic discussion (seeking the truth regardless of one's prior opinions or one's ego).

Hell is greased hair on men.

Hell is many of the bodies you see in a health club locker room.

Hell is any store where prices are not prominently displayed alongside each item.

Hell is an American car, both mechanically and stylistically.

Hell is laugh-tracks on a TV comedy.

Hell is an "express checkout lane" that accepts checks or credit cards.

Hell is how waiters behave in a fancy French restaurant.

Hell is being in line at a government facility, when the employee is not just slow, but "Proud to be Slow".

Hell is someone wearing clothing with advertising.

Hell is encountering people who do not seek the true and the sacred.

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