A philosopher is someone who seeks to discover and to embrace meaningful principles.

This world age is characterized by mass suggestibility. People frequently embrace the religion of their parents. The educated tend to believe whatever they are taught in schools. Many believe that their culture and government are superior, and feel a kind of team spirit with other people who live in the same nation state, speak the same language, and share some recent cultural history.

Most of us, most of the time, let ourselves be brainwashed (conditioned) by the beliefs of those around us. Some of these beliefs are so ingrained, that we do not even think of them as beliefs. Consider the cultural belief that consciousness arose from organic life.

The good news is that we are capable of rising above this hypnotized state. We can cast away most of our conditioning, and begin to seek truths about existence.

To seek truth, we must be open-minded and critically scientific at the same time. To be open-minded is to be willing to examine almost any aspect of reality, or any idea we are drawn to examine. We must then be good critical scientists by testing each thing or idea in the laboratory of our own experience. It is your own personal experience that must test everything, not someone else's.

The motivation to discover truth, and the sense that we could be more than we currently are, is innate.

There is an impulse in man to evolve himself. This impulse pushes a man to seek what is really true, to seek what he can do to achieve peace and joy, and to live his highest principles.

Philosophy is not a mere academic study. Philosophy requires discovering truth, and living truth.

Since the world begins with our awareness, the study of man, and the study of the so called outer world, is the same study. As above, so below. Man is the measure of all things. Man is a microcosm.

It is human nature to ask the big questions. Some of the big questions include:

  • Why am I here, what am I, really?
  • What does it mean that I am aware?
  • Is my awareness a byproduct of having a body, or vise-versa?
  • What is the Source that created me, where did I come from?
  • What happens when my body dies?
  • It is natural for a human to question everything. What is natural and right may be suppressed at times, but it will tend to manifest. The fact that most people do not ask big questions, or seek the meaning of life, is that we live in a dark (ignorant) age. Everything manifest is cyclic. Dark ages come and go.

    Regardless of what you were taught, regardless of what now occupies your life, you can pursue your ardent dreams if the impulse is alive within you. You are more than the culture you inhabit.

    The origin of the god concept was the worship of our highest ideals. Our goal is to realize that within us is the God we seek, and that this God is who we really are.

    I have always hungered for the meaning behind things. I always wanted to live my highest principles. I always sensed that the culture I was born into was lost and ignorant. I used science and science fiction as a kid to let my mind roam and imagine how a better life could be. I later found philosophy, psychology, and Eastern spirituality. I found ancient histories and philosophies.

    I created this philosophy site to share some of the best ideas I had found. Since I am a changing, evolving being, I am rewriting this website, created several years ago.

    My intellectual goal is to seek the best from the world of ideas. I'm attracted to thoughts that address the "big questions", that offer better solutions to practical life problems, or that integrate several branches of knowledge.

    Thoughts can only be a partial reflection of reality. Thoughts are but one type of experience. We all seek a kind of peace which supercedes thought. Thus, I don't claim that any of the ideas presented here are the supreme ultimate solution to anything, but my own search for the lost cosmic connection drives me to present them.

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