Some Ramblings on Magic, Will, and Objective Prayer

Magic is willing (culling) reality into existence.

The genie grants a limited amount of time for wishing and willing in a lifetime. What should I will today?

What if we successfully will something, which gives us a taste of something higher than what we had successfully willed?

Will is corked into a container (a bottle or lamp). The genie emerges from the container, enveloped in smoke. We must shut out (smoke out) the ordinary, consensual, perceived world to work magic, thus night is the time of magic.

Magic (will), in order to achieve results, seems to require that we release our willed intent, cast it into the universe. That is, our intent (command) goes out from us and into wherever we send it. We seem not to control when or if our wish is fulfilled.

Gurdjieff said something like "with conscious wish, anything is possible". Jesus said something about moving mountains.

Real faith has nothing to do with the typical religious person's wholesale adoption of some packaged set of beliefs. Real faith is the intuitive knowledge or certainty that an action will yield a certain result, or that a certain experience of truth is valid. To the extent that faith is married to will, magic is successful.

Faith, as applied to will, is the confidence that we shot the arrows of will with clear intent, and that the net carried by those arrows will return the object of our desire.

I used the words "object(s) of our desire" above. Object in this sense means anything outside of oneself, including an experience. I could consider myself to be the ultimate SUBJECT, which perceives and experiences OBJECTS. Thus, using will is usually a form of OBJECTive prayer (not objective prayer as Gurdjieff used that expression, by which he meant a prayer that would inevitably generate results).

Some hold that one can wish for something other than OBJECTS, or things outside of ourselves. They hold that one can wish to experience the SUBJECT, or ultimate I, divorced from any desire, preconceptions, or self image. They hold that enlightenment or self-realization is the experience of oneself as SUBJECT without regard to ANY OBJECTS. This is sometimes called "seeking the divine beloved".

I hope that what I'm saying is perfectly clear, I know it may not be. I said this was rambling.

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