There should be no such thing as a prescription drug.

Any human adult (and maybe some children) should be able to purchase ANY medication over the counter. I believe that the French, inventors of the word bureaucracy, invented the coercive idea that access to some drugs could only be granted by authorities. The French also, during their militaristic, Napoleonic phase, invented the current coercive concept of doctor's orders.

We develop into self-responsible beings in childhood. Self-responsible means living this experience of life as we see fit. Self-responsibility, as I mean it, is an ontological given, it is an attribute of the human condition, not a choice. No one but you is really responsible for your life.

Since we are self-responsible whether we think we are or not, we must make the best decisions we can. An individual must decide how to preserve health. If he seeks advice from a health professional, he must choose the particular professional, and he must decide what advice of that professional he will follow.

Physicians, of course, may sometimes be valuable sources of information or technique, but we are meant to intuit our individual body's needs and characteristics. The more we experiment with exercise and diet, especially while young, the more developed this bodily self-knowledge may be. This intuitive knowledge, like all intuitive knowledge, is potentially without limit. Anyway, whether wise man or fool, the individual should be legally free to medicate and treat himself as he sees fit. If he kills himself, at least it may be a lesson to others, and he may have been the kind of bad decision maker who would have made choices which resulted in doctors killing him anyway.

Anyone who enjoys going to doctors, and who believes whatever medical fads are prevalent, will probably not enjoy good health for long. Notice how various medical procedures are the rage of the day. Once it was the tonsillectomy. Currently popular procedures are the heart bypass and wisdom teeth removal. A Tai Chi teacher of mine once pointed out that any form of medicine which says, "if it doesn't work, cut it out", is a VERY primitive form of medicine. Another Tai Chi teacher of mine, an Chinese man in his eighties, warned us that most Western medicines were poisons, and to be extremely careful.

It can always be interesting to notice cultural and generational proclivities towards official medicine. Certain generations seem to believe doctors are gods, and want to be given antibiotics for the most trivial illnesses, therefore probably weakening their bodies. Some people even want to be tested for medical problems which they may be unaware of! What is wrong with this picture?

Note that in a freer (more advanced) society than ours, informational institutions (kind of like "Consumer's Reports", but more thorough) would arise to publish data on medicines, plants, medical techniques, and individual healers. Any such institution, which did not maintain a reputation for honesty, would quickly disappear.

Now, luckily, attitudes seem to be changing towards Official Western Medicine, sometimes called allopathy. People now tend to see it as one of many resources, and explore alternative approaches. Notice that in general, these alternative approaches, which are still largely unmolested by governmental sanctions, controls, official recognition, or assistance, are still affordable.

Sadly, intrusive governments try to protect their sheep (slaves) by outlawing many medicines and treatments that both healthy and dying people might want to explore.

It is an economic principle that anything which people do not pay for directly out of their own pockets, becomes exorbitantly expensive, houses and medicine are examples of this. Thus, I suspect that single payer health care is now a legitimate government service.

Why was I born into such a primitive society?

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