Think about these things ...

Why is it that so called successful people are often philosophically shallow?

Why are the most educated often the least open minded?

Why is the country founded on the principle of not harassing its citizens now the world's leader in monitoring personal finances? Why is it waging a Stalinistic war against self-medication?

Why did rock music change from a spontaneously arisen expression to a mimicked form?

Why is it considered OK in some workplaces to display an obese and flaccid body, and considered a major violation to not dress in the current uniform (perhaps business casual)?

Why are Democrats stupid and Republicans evil??

Why is it easier to exercise than to meditate?

Why do many people display photographs of their children at work, but not photographs of their mate?

Why do most women wear lipstick, who would want to kiss this?

Why are perpetrators of horrible crimes like identity theft and investment fraud given leniency, while prisons overflow with people who have harmed no one?

Why (in the U.S. in 2000) is 3/4 or so of the monetary value of a rare used book in its dust jacket?

Why is it that we will all die, but tend to not research what this means?

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