Easter Island waiting to happen!

On Easter Island, the inhabitants eventually cut down every single tree on the island.

Many people are concerned with ecology and recycling, but the root cause of ALL ecological problems is the massive size of the man-swarm. Only fewer humans could cause expansion of non-human ecological systems. This is true by definition.

The earth may have several times more people than it would if people really did listen to nature's call. Nature is not currently calling on people to reproduce much. This may have been otherwise in the past. Momentum (of a sort) is causing most reproduction today.

Nature may have her own ways of dealing with this, I don't see all the forces at work. Things probably work out well in the end. But I'm amazed!

It's amazing that so many people are still reproducing. A large number of beings that already exists could have as infinitely meaningful a relationship to you as a so called new being. What level of consciousness exists in someone who feels close to others merely because of genetic similarity?

One of Gurdjieff's many interesting ideas was that nature required the creation of more humans than in the past, both because the quality of human awareness had diminished, and since so much of Earth's organic life had been destroyed by Man. His point was that nature required organic life in the grand reciprocal maintenance of all material existence, and that the current, bizarre trend of mindless over-reproduction was required to restore a kind of balance.

Finally, some philosophers have noted that humanity tends to divide into two orders, the reproducers and the philosophical seekers. The seekers sense that nothing meaningful derives from reproduction in the world as it now exists. They sense that we are not our genes, and can find other ways to live around children if that is their calling. There may have been periods in the distant past when reproduction was more attuned with the Tao. In our time, falling into the cycle of reproduction sometimes (not always) seems to correlate with living a non-conscious life.

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