Anyone who chooses to be outraged by certain words deserves whatever suffering he endures by hearing such language.

How did it happen that certain words are considered taboo? How primitive (in a bad sense of the word primitive)!

Note that to be offended by so-called dirty words is a CHOICE. What a foolish choice! A word is merely a symbol, and some words are more expressive than others. Anyone with any originality or intelligence probably frequently makes up words (probably through word combinations or word extensions).

To consider certain words taboo seems almost psychopathological. Such outrage implies an idiocy towards language (and even towards human life) that matches the French government's attempt to keep language from evolving naturally (language evolves from usage, it cannot be mandated by power possessing beings or scholars, like that other linguistic idiocy, Esperanto).

The whole concept of profanity is a product not of anyone's use of language, but of those who choose to be outraged by certain words. These people even try to keep such outrage alive from generation to generation!

The use of words such as "darn", "shoot", or "fudge" falls into the same category as elevator music, fake shutters on houses, plastic flowers, yogurt with zero percent fat, white bread, artificial arm swings while walking, and the belief that the United States is a "free" country. Use of such words indicates a truly failed actualization of human potential.

On TV, when I hear: "The following program contains language that may be offensive to younger or more sensitive viewers", I fantasize that I could magically change those words to: "The following program contains language that may be offensive to psychologically

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