Anyone proud to be a member of a race is an idiot!

This is an area where most of the people trying to fix the problem are still functioning from an extremely low level. The origin of race problems is obviously racial identification itself. The ridiculous concept of racial pride derives from racial identification.

Why identify yourself with your genes, or by a certain subset of Man? Races are loose, large subsets of the gene pool with very shaky boundaries. Some people with low self-esteem seek to feel pride in something they apparently had no control over, their genetic background. One would have to be a complete failure or a complete sheep to feel pride in an arbitrary set of genetic characteristics, or in a culture of people who happened to have such a set of cosmetic characteristics.

In general, we consider someone to be enlightened to the extent that he loves and feels empathy towards all creatures, regardless of their classification. Why is race considered any more important than eye color? Some applications still ask for race! Government is trying to keep the concept of race alive on census forms and elsewhere. Probably government employees and politicians benefit somehow by trying to keep such a bizarre concept alive.

I'd befriend or hire a Martian or some kind of pure energy being if it had traits I admired, or gave me good psychological visibility.

Since a real man considers it to be mere happenstance that he was born into a given time, place, and culture, he should care about his genes only for medical information. He should seek the best in any and all cultures. He might decide that the food of India is the best, that the exercise of China is the most healthful, that he loves the literature of 19th century Russia, etc. He would never identify with people simply because of mere biological similarities, nor because of their geographical proximity to him.

It has occurred to me that many of the ideas and positions I expound on this website have somewhat of a following, for example, many people respect and study Advaita Yoga, many want government 100% out of our personal lives, many seriously engage in both Western and Eastern exercise, etc. However, I encounter very few who share my view that racial pride (or even racial identification) is COMPLETE NONSENSE. Most seem to think, "Well, it's OK to feel racial pride as long as you don't consider other races to be inferior", or something like that. What can I say?

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