Seeking the BEST, regardless of social norms, is a higher goal than rebellion.

If a man seeks the best and the highest, he may be mistaken for a rebel.

Rebellion is reaction to something. It is REACTIVE BEHAVIOR. Reactive behavior is not conscious behavior.

Rebellion is NOT the same thing as going one's own way, regardless of others.

Pursuing one's goals, without regard for social norms, laws, or mass opinion, need have no rebellious aspect.

Those who value rebellion itself, seeking to irritate authority figures, are still enslaved by those authority figures. They implicitly respect those they seek to irritate.

Rebels and True Believers are two ends of the same pole. They are more alike than different. They both tend to be behavioristic automatons.

A real seeker of truth has no implicit respect for either the normal or the rebellious. He open mindedly seeks the best and highest, wherever he may find it.

A truly free man would give no thought to those who once oppressed him.

If a man became totally free, he would be free even of his thoughts of who he was. If a man abandons his ideas of himself, there would be no himself remaining for others to oppress.

Who or what imagined it was a somebody anyway, and why did this imagining happen?

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