Sanity Test (also useful as an employment test)

The actual psychological characteristics being examined by the questions below include:

  • Suggestibility and Gullibility
    (the tendency to believe things that violate common sense).
  • Negative Envy
    (the tendency to hold others back if they are perceived as capable).
  • Hierarchy of Values
    (does a person value trivial things and ignore crucial things).
  • Universal Empathy
    (to what extent does someone feel empathy with strangers).
  • Just Plain Insanity

    1. Have you ever believed anything without verifying it yourself? If so, what was it?

    2. Suppose you are driving on a 4 lane road (2 lanes in each direction). You are in the left lane traveling at the speed limit. You see in your rear view mirror that someone wants to pass you. Do you get out of his way or not?

    3. Do you pay your bills promptly?

    4. Do you think that there is a God who would disapprove of homosexual marriage?

    5. Do you think that altering one's consciousness is evil? If so, under what circumstances?

    6. Have you ever been late for an appointment? If so, what happened?

    7. Does it frighten you to carry much cash?

    8. Once you'd completed your education, did you ever arranged your life so as to have virtually NO free time?

    9. Do you exercise regularly? How important is exercise to you?

    10. Do you think that the United States is a free country? Please explain.

    11. Have you ever been proud to be a citizen of a country, or a member of a race?

    12. Have you ever enjoyed killing a non-human animal?

    13. Are you glad that most movies shown on TV are edited to eliminate sex?

    14. Do you think that Iraq was somehow involved with the World Trade Center destruction?

    15. Have you ever been tired or upset, and taken it out on an innocent person?

    16. Do you like to keep "every hair in place"?

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