Virtually everyone feels anger, but not everyone abandons his conscience (empathy) when feeling anger.

You can judge a man partly by his ideals (what he aspires to and what he considers sacred), and partly by the extent to which he has actualized those ideals.

Reality is bigger than any reference frame we overlay it with.

Patriotism is as senseless as racism. Any patriot is an idiot.

If you want to effectively reduce poverty, encourage poor people to remain childless.

The wise minimize their obligations, and take care of them promptly, thereby building surpluses that allow for personal growth. The foolish assume obligations without due consideration, or tend to procrastinate, thereby incurring debts and personal decay.

Traffic flow would probably improve threefold, and be infinitely less hellish, if automobile drivers would religiously move to the right whenever someone wanted to pass them.

I'll bet that you're the kind of person who always wears clothes when you're at home.

Kindness is certainly not the same thing as politeness (or having good manners).

What is right and natural will have a tendency to manifest in the universe.

How can a psychologically honest man answer the question: "How are you?".

Don't keep anything in your home that you don't love.

Only an idiot picks up his phone just because it happens to ring.

A real man considers it to be mere happenstance that he was born into a given time, place, and culture. He tries to think out everything he can from the ground up.

What kind of person would eat food just because it's in front of him?

Only an idiot is proud to be a member of a race.

If you are not the kind of person who would, if he made only $5 per hour, try to put away (save) some of that money, you'll always be poor.

If you are poor (in money or spirit) and have no prospects for the future, you have no business reproducing. There's certainly no PEOPLE SHORTAGE!

If you're not grossed out by even 10 extra pounds of fat, you'll get fat.

A good question to ask yourself before ingesting something into the body is "Did we evolve dealing with this substance?".

The best thing about money is not about buying things, but about buying time.

I hope to God that the Advaitists are right, that what we most ardently seek is in ourselves!

Makeup (especially lipstick) is the ugliest thing invented since fat.

Think what it means to follow style (or fashion). It means you SEEK to know what someone else suggests you do, and then you do it? Are you a sheep?

Perhaps most people are born to be followers, and the other 1 in 20 or so become leaders, lone wolves, or sociopaths.

If you've got to go, you've got to go. You wouldn't be upset if a dog did it.

Clothes do not make the man, his body and mind do. Business casual is just a new uniform. Judge a man more by his body than by the clothes he wears. You can always see right through clothes.

Non-human animals may lack our rational faculty, but many of those we befriend, enslave, or eat probably feel emotions very similar to ours.

Why do you wash your hands after urinating? Don't you keep your penis clean?

There tends to be an inverse relationship between intellectual efficacy, and formality of dress.

His life will be his punishment.

America's justice system has devolved to the point where you can successfully sue anyone for anything! What ever happened to the system of wise elders.

Few things are as absurd as there being consensual crimes in a free society.

The twin pillars of any self-responsible existence are exercise and investing.

It is probably possible (but rare) to be evolved to a state where exercise and investing matter not.

Why do you hang out a flag to a nation state, and not to the cosmos?

Men and women are fundamentally different psychologically, even though we each posses the possibilities of the other sex.

I thought that only SUICIDES rode on the right! (referring to bicycles trusting cars approaching them from behind.)

Real men DO eat quiche. Real men do not follow some brain-dead, fat-gutted, military-indoctrinated John Wayne model (their Westerns film hero might more resemble the Man with No Name in the Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Westerns, or the man in the film "El Topo").

It is good for children to work outside the home for money from an early age. This gives them street smarts, and makes adulthood easier.

For all its technical accomplishments, Western medicine is one of the most negative, fatalistic, life-denying hypnoses ever unleashed on mankind.

We are largely born as who we are. Parents may help instill certain comforts or anxieties, but they do not shape our character.

Whatever is going on in the universe, you can be certain that there is not a God who's an idiot!

Below are sayings which I love, but did not originate:

Always obey your rules, but know when to disobey your rules (paraphrased from Ed Seykota).

As above, so below.

There is nothing new under the sun.

There is more in heaven and earth... than is dreamt of in your philosophy.

Neither a borrower nor a lender be.

America's government started out wanting to be like ancient Greece, and ended up wanting to be like ancient Rome.

The art of a warrior is to balance to terror of being a man with the wonder of being a man.

This above all, to thine own self be true.

Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness.

(paraphrased) Keeping one's word is an austerity in the present Kali Yuga. In other words: keeping one's word is a discipline which tends to enable one to see reality more clearly.

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