Women (and other issues related to the sexes)

Women are not just men in different bodies.

Many people believe that women and men are identical but have different bodies. While this may be true at the absolute highest level of our being, there seem to be definite psychological correlates to which sex we are. Obviously, the sexes fulfill different functions in the grand scheme of things, also obviously, there is much overlap between the sexes (Jung's anima/animus concept is valid). Examine the differences between men and women that you notice yourself.

On the Earth, some people DO believe that men and women are different, and that women must have no freedom. I'll bet that not many women seek to enter these cultures or religions.

On the subject of culture, people gain the most by inventing their own 'cultures'.

Why did most spoken language evolve to call virtually all objects (nouns) a he or a she?

The Roman Catholic practice of priests and nuns being celibate probably came from pre-modern practices (resembling Taoist Yoga) of transmuting sexual energy in order to 'see God' and experience bliss. Such practices are probably extremely ancient. During the post-Roman middle ages, when politicized Christianity made it almost impossible for meaningful philosophical ideas to enter Europe from without, the meaning of much ritualized behavior was lost, only the outer shell remained.

I suspect that the current widespread presence of women in the workplace is the beginning of a major shift away from a patriarchal society. I'm not sure what the new paradigm will be, but I think it's good. I tend to like the vibes more at work sites where both men and women work together. In recorded history (at least recorded such that we can read it and kind of understand it), we've had a pretty strictly patriarchal society outwardly. I say outwardly because women have often psychologically exercised significant power from the sidelines. This sidelined and sometimes repressed power may diminish as society adapts to men and women freely interacting more.

Another sexual subject is homosexuals. Most say that they've felt that way since a VERY early age, leading me to suspect that homosexuality is inborn. I'm sure there are examples of experimental homosexuals, and examples of homosexuals who become homosexuals due to early conditioning or trauma, but this theory is pretty strong. Most of these people did not choose a lifestyle.

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